My dessert factory is a really addictive and super factory game. It’s an idle game full of dessert fever. Ever wanted to run your very own factory dessert idle. Starting with a small idle dessert factory, the desserts are packaged and sold. Use the money to upgrade in factory fever. The higher the level, open a new production line and stuff your boxes with your cookies. Dessert idle games like this, have the potential to entertain and engage you in addiction game play with so much entertainment and fun.

In this addictive idle dessert factory fever, earning your wealth and expanding the idle factory. Production of different desserts sells and gets money. Upgrade dessert machines have faster production speed. In this dessert factory idle game, bake cookies in the cookie machines and place them in a box. All you have to do is bake as many cookies as you can and fill the boxes with different variations in this factory idle game.

Merge your baking machine and get upgrades in the idle dessert factory. Upgrading your machine is very simple. Just merge similar machines together and get more advanced dessert machines.
Every upgrade brings you more delicious and appetizing desserts in the factory idle game. Merge machines and see what you get and earn idle cash in this factory dessert idle game.
Super Idle dessert factory game has endless game play. No restriction on playing time and play loops. This idle tycoon game provides you endless game play experience.
As you progress through the dessert game, you will unlock new and exciting desserts to add to your idle factory. From classic ice cream cakes to modern macarons, your idle factory dessert game has something for everyone. You can also compete against other players on the leaderboard to see who can build the most successful idle factory in dessert tycoon games.

My Dessert Factory Idle Game features:

New exciting challenging levels.
Easy and smooth controls.
Available to play offline.
Interesting and fun-filled gameplay.
Different locations to be unlocked.
Gameplay is easy to follow from the start and all through the game.

Are you ready to manage a factory dessert idle?
Create your own idle factory, produce high-quality products, keep making money in the Idle clicker factory empire simulator games.
If you are looking for a factory game, Idle Dessert Fever is the perfect idle game for you!
Indulge in runny cookies and desserts! You will love it!
Idle Dessert tycoon is the perfect dessert game for anyone who loves idle games and loves desserts. Download it now and start building your dream dessert factory today!

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