Cake Run Race: Dessert Games is a really addictive stack game. If you like to eat cakes, then you surely like to play this cake dessert DIY game. Cake stack 3D run race is a lovely dessert stack game to stack up your cakes as high as possible. You can collect some cake stack and build a cake stack tower garnishing add-on to decorate your cake. Show your creative skill, baking skills, design senses and make some delicious and tasty, yummiest mouth-watering cakes in cake run race & baking cake games for girls and boys. It’s a sweet dessert factory in this dessert stack themed stacking games where you can enjoy the dessert world. Stack, bake, decorate and sell your cakes to the hungry customers and bring in that money.

Cake run race & dessert game is a super fun food game for making different desserts like ice cream cakes, rainbow cakes and other desserts. You can enjoy the very interesting dessert DIY game. It’s a food game full of dessert. Jellies, Cookies, Cupcakes, Brownies you can find all kinds of dessert here. Make sweet Ice cream rolls, popsicle stacks, icing on the cake and cake decorating using your creativity in one of the best cake games. Explore different desserts, different styles of icing on the cake, fresh fruit ingredients, cover the sponge cake with marzipan, candy & cream and syrups to create sweet desserts.

Cake run race stack games brings you a delicious cake baking experience mixed with an ultra-smooth runner game that’s both easy to learn and fun to play. Start with a cake mold & Collect cake stack in a long queue. Upgrade your line to turn your cake mold into magnificent cakes. You have a delicious line of cakes. You have a chance to collect all the stacks and assemble cakes, fill them in different dough and add some topping, stack them and earn money. You can enjoy all the dessert cooking fun in these dessert stack games.

Features of Cake Run Race: Dessert Games

Beautiful high quality 3d arcade game graphics.
Intuitive, easy to use interface and attractive background.
Fun and unique gameplay with unlimited combinations.
Simple arcade stack run race game control.
Different colors and attractive shapes for decorating cakes.
Stack up the delicious cakes as high as you can.
Play in endless mode or complete challenging levels.
Expertise your skills & abilities and become the best.

Get ready to play this interesting cake stack game. Just touch the screen to build the highest cake towers and try not to fall. The higher the tower, the more points you have!
If you like cake games, you will love this dessert food game. Enjoy the best sweet dessert baking game of cake run race.

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